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Video contest at Hannity: loving “Average American Day” from Central TX. Watch and vote! #txtcot

URL: Great entry from Johna Kay Ramirez of Central Texas 9-12 Project. Watch for some Central Texas locations in the ‘at home’ segments. See this Amp at Advertisements

Williamson County Conservative: Maldonado Confused About Voter Frustration #txlege #txgop #hd52… Democrat Texas State Representative Diana Maldonado doesn’t understand reasons for voter frustration. Is she even listening? See this Amp at

Blue Dot Blues: Taxpayer beware! Local government budget season has arrived… Oh boy, as if the coming Federal Tax Tsunami weren’t enough, local taxing entitites are gearing up to punish citizens even further… See this Amp at

Can Conservative Complacency Bring Liberal’s Victory? | Empower Texans / Texans for Fiscal Responsibility… Annie’s List seems to have an agenda in Williamson County-they recruited Maldonado to run for the Texas House, but it sounds like they’ve got some other “further up the pipeline” targets in mind. Do they want to make sure Wilco has Pro-abortion congressional representation too? See this Amp at

Williamson County Conservative: Royger’s Fork, or Tudor Tax Philsophy for Wilco. #txtcot

URL:… As much as the Left likes to refer to Conservatives as ‘medieval,’ isn’t it ironic that they are always dusting off those old Tudor-Stuart tax philosophies? Our union-lite folks want to squeeze more resources out of Williamson County taxpayers… See this Amp at

Support Dr. Marsha Farney for Texas SBOE #sgp #SBOE #marshafarney #txgop

Dr. Marsha Farney, Republican candidate for the Texas State Board of Education, District 10, will be holding a fundraiser today at 4:30pm. The ‘Skeet Shoot and Fish Fry,’ (don’t you just love a woman who holds a skeet shoot?) will feature special guest Jerry Patterson, Texas Land Commissioner. Even if you can’t shoot well enough […]

Williamson County Employment Grows By 58.9 % « The Right Side of Austin #txgop #williamsoncounty… Not an accident! Williamson County elected officials are Republicans who understand the proper role of government. See this Amp at