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Williamson County Conservative: GOP McGuinness Taking Lead in HD50 Race… Another “Safe” Democrat seat in trouble: Patrick McGuinness takes lead over “Obama-Strama” in Texas House District 50 race. See this Amp at Advertisements

Williamson County Conservative: Texas Lt. Governor Speaking in Williamson County October 6

URL:… Re-elect Lt. Governor David Dewhurst! Dewhurst, along with GOP candidate for Texas Supreme Court Debra Lehrmann, and candidate for Texas House Larry Gonzales will be speaking at a Williamson County Event next week. RSVP by October 3. See this Amp at

Williamson County Conservative: Maldonado Holds Sparsely Attended Transportation ‘Tax Hike’ Forum, But No-Shows for Economic Forum… Skewed priorities for Maldonado campaign, not in tune with voter concerns… See this Amp at

Williamson County Conservative: Democrats Worked Really, Really Hard Last Weekend

URL:… Wow, maybe those campaign workers Diana Maldonado hired through Craig’s List are a little uncontrollable? Or the Dems are so frustrated at losing on the issues they’ve resorted to petty vandalism… See this Amp at

Diana Maldonado Now Masquerading as an Independent or Something #txgop #txlege

URL:… Maldonado in big trouble, now claiming to be “Independent.” Also, Quorum Report mistakenly lists non-existent poll claiming Maldonado is leading… See this Amp at

Williamson County Conservative: Maldonado Is Weaving a Tangled Web: UPDATED… Democrat avoids debate, claims debates that were not scheduled. Confirmed by local mainstream News 8 Austin… See this Amp at

Williamson County Conservative: Representative Maldonado Afraid to Debate?… Representative Maldonado won’t debated unless she gets a cheat sheet? Larry Gonzales, Republican for Texas House District 52, has repeatedly tried to schedule debates… See this Amp at