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Williamson County Conservative: Rep Kino Flores Convicted: Is Diana Maldonado Next?… Rio Grande Valley Democrat Representative Kino Flores was convicted today of several charges and faces up to two years in prison. Apparently Flores failed to completely fill out his required financial disclosure statement. An ethics complaint has been filed against Representative Diana Maldonado for similiar offenses, if guilty, she may face the same. See […]

Diana Maldonado’s Attack Ad Backfires: Exploits Colton Tooley, challenges 2nd Amendment rights.… You probably didn’t see Representative Diana Maldonado’s TV ad, since due to public outcry it was pulled down within 24 hours. Unfortunately for the beleagured Democrat’s campaign, they couldn’t pull the milder mail version out of mailboxes. HT: Lawrence Person’s Battleswarm Blog. See this Amp at

“No-Show” Maldonado needs a pink slip: Veterans and Voters deserve better. #maldonado #txlege

URL:… “No-Show” Maldonado missed 56% of votes on Veterans Affairs Committee, has one of lowest attendance records in the Texas House, and is notoriously late. Time for a pink slip and a new hire… See this Amp at

Planned Parenthood is Big Business of the Worst Kind… Former director of Planned Parenthood clinics in Houston Abby Johnson spoke in Austin last night about her 8 year career with PP, and what changed her mind. See this Amp at

BREAKING: Williamson County Dem Chair Resigns, Endorses GOP Gonzales for TX House 52. #maldonado… Wow, the Williamson County Democratic Party Chairman sent out a press release saying he is resigning and endorsing Republican candidate Larry Gonzales for Texas House District 52 over incumbent Democrat Diana Maldonado. See this Amp at

Williamson County Conservative: SBOE Fashionista Judy Jennings: Hatred is in Style!… Judy Jennings enthusiastically agreed to wear this T-shirt to her “first meeting” if elected to the Texas State Board of Education. See this Amp at

Rep Maldonado’s Priest: Diana Maldonado pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage? #maldonado #abortion

URL:… Too late to effect the outcome of the 2008 election, Representative Diana Maldonado’s priest, Fr. McNeil, sent this letter to his parishoners regarding her stances on abortion and gay marriage. Many pro-life voters had already cast a vote thinking that Maldonado was a ‘good Catholic.’ See this Amp at