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Williamson County Conservative: Who Really Cares About Women?… Who really cares about women? Is it Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry? Or is it pro-life advocates who provide services to women and families facing unplanned pregnancies as non-profits? Former abortion clinic owner Carol Everett will be speaking in Round Rock on Jan. 5. Her book, “Blood Money: Getting Rich Off A Woman’s […]

Texas Alliance for Life Paxton Endorsement

URL:… Texas Alliance for Life publicly endorses Ken Paxton for Texas House Speaker- says Joe Straus is not considered pro-life. See this Amp at

Dallas Morning News Picks Perry for ‘Texan of the Year’

URL:… Yup. See this Amp at

Williamson County Conservative: We Are All ‘Conservatives’ Now? Not so fast… #txlege… Everyone wants to be a Conservative now…but does the shoe fit? See this Amp at

Latest Snub To Military Voters: Did Travis County discard military absentee ballots for State House race? #txlege Great post from Phil Fountain: Sounds like Travis County is snubbing military voters again. Dem Rep Donna Howard supposedly won Texas House District 48 race by 12 votes, but military votes were not counted for this race. How can they justify such a slap to our armed forces? See this Amp at