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Keep Hostages Front and Center #txlege… Round Rock ISD Superintendent Jesus Chavez plans to lay off over 200 teachers while sitting on $198 million in reserve funds. Oh, and won’t be taking any cuts to his $303,000 in salary and benefits. See this Amp at Advertisements

Planned Parenthood dupes again. #txlege… Texas allocates women’s health care dollars to Planned Parenthood each year, but PP’s clients do not see doctors except on the abortion table and do not even own mammogram machines. Shouldn’t we be sending those funds to real health care facilities? See this Amp at

Cap Superintendents Salaries… Among many cuts proposed by Leander ISD is a plan to reduce the Superintendents salary by $20k. Lone Star Foundation has proposed prohibiting districts from paying Supers more than the governor. Will other districts follow suit? Jesus Chavez of Round Rock ISD made over $300,000 last year in salary and benefits. See this Amp […]

Reasons to Run for Office.… What should I do today? Hey! I think I’ll run for office! Here’s why… See this Amp at

Save our education bloat!… Lefties organize rally, use hostages to dupe parents and teachers. See this Amp at

Did UTA President illegally lobby?… UT Arlington President Spaniolo certainly has a right to his opinion and to lobby as a private citizen. Using UTA resources to do so, however, may have violated state law. See this Amp at

Save the Teachers! #edpolicy #txlege Districts say they will have to lay off teachers, but what about all this other stuff? 28 psychologists? Art Therapists? Music Therapists? How many athletic directors do we need? Why are only 42% of staff teachers in some districts? See this Amp at