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Has Cox changed her stance? #rrisd… There seems to be some inconsistency in RRISD Trustee Diane Cox’ stance on voter approval of tax increases. See this Amp at Advertisements

“Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice..

URL:… RRISD seems to have created a list of spending priorities that ranks hall monitors higher than dyslexia and TAG teachers. Even more disturbing, it doesn’t seem the elected Board of Trustees were invited to be involved in this important decision-making process… See this Amp at

Dziadziola, Sellers for RRISD Board… I am endorsing David Dziadziola and Brian Sellers for Round Rock School Board. Election Day is May 14, Early voting is May 2-10 See this Amp at

Christian Conservatives Not Valid… Christian Conservatives are not to be trusted, says…Media Matters. Never mind those pesky facts. See this Amp at

How will Texas Cope With Obamacare?… The Honorable Arlene Wohlgemuth will be speaking in Round Rock on Wednesday, April 6. Executive Director of the Texas Public Policy Foundation and director of the Foundation’s Center for Health Care Policy, she served 10 years as a state representative for district 58, and in 2003 helped navigate Texas through a $10 billion budget […]