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Governor Perry on the 2011 Special Session… Governor Perry took the time to speak with some of us in the media and blogosphere regarding the 2011 Texas Special Session. See this Amp at Advertisements

PEC Board Elections: Candidates’ Pledge… Important election for Pedernales Electric Cooperative. Vote by June 10… See this Amp at

Gambling in Texas: Fact vs Fiction

URL: Proponents claim legalized gambling is the fix for our budget crisis. But is it? What are the facts? James Bernsen wrote an excellent, 4 part series on gambling that originally appeared in the Texas Republic News. A must read. See this Amp at

Texas Taxpayer Savings Grants would save $2 billion.

URL:… TSG’s would also have the effect of increasing per pupil funding in Texas Public Schools… See this Amp at

Who is Exploiting Women’s Health?… Hint: It’s not the Texas Legislature. See this Amp at

PEC Election Begins May 4… The Pedernales Electric Cooperative Board elections begin May 4. This is another battleground in the war between environmental extremists and common-sense Texans. Candidates Alan Yore for District 2, and Stephen Thomas for District 3 are best for restoring balance and common sense. Ballots may be cast by mail or online by June 10. Afterwards, […]